The family camp is located on a fenced-in meadow on the outskirts of Klandorf. The 5 hectare area offers enough space for development and retreat. To strengthen your adventure experience, we recommend bringing your own tent or camper. Setting up your own home here is the first family challenge that has to be mastered.




Alternative Sleeping Arrangements

We have 5 four-man tents and 2 wooden cabins that can accommodate two people.

There is also a barn with a wood-burning stove where 20 people can sleep.
The main house is heated and can accommodate up to 10 people.
The Sweden room is available for up to 4 persons.

The room can accommodate up to 3 guests.

There is also a kitchen and sanitary facilities in the building.
The Adventure Camp has single shower cabins and single toilets.
Outdoor showers and toilets are also available for the summer.
In bad weather we use our large yurt for activities and challenges.
In the middle of the area in front of the wooden yurt is a large dance and meeting place with a fireplace.

Please bring your own towels, bed linen, sleeping bags and toiletries.


Camp Offer:

The Adventure Camp 2019 is dedicated to English culture and lifestyle.
Experience what is typically English. What do people eat and drink in the United Kingdom?

What songs do they sing and what distinguishes British humor?

These and other questions will be answered by Captain Adventure at the campfire.
If you feel like it, you can also speak English with us or learn the language in a playful way.





Apart from all that we offer you this:


Firmly Plant your own tree

Animation-dance-off at the
campfire with Jack Goa Pirate

Climbing-Challenge with knot, tree and
box-climbing as a team-challenge-

Archery as the “Robin Hood” Challenge

Didgeridoo and drum-workshop explore your musical instrument

Nature-orientated and creative handicrafts

Detox in the sweat lodge-

Emergency training for families environmental adventure games

Spontaneous activities
are always welcome and support our fun and
entertainment actors “Captain Adventure”, “Robin Hood” and “Jack Goa Pirate”!

Children can take part in all challenges accompanied by their parents or other adult carers.


Challenge yourself!
you decide which competitions you
want to take part in and which experiences you want to have.

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