Why partner with us ?

Why did we create Generation Epic/ Family Challenge?  To heal humanity,
restore nature, bridge & fill a vast gap in the tourism & education market,
what is that gap, and why is it here now?
The gap is: Satisfaction

What are we filling the gap with?: Camp-Adventures-Transforming-Groups,
C-A-T-G for short, purposefully abbreviated to the same letters as D.N.A building blocks
, we believe with our principles we can heal Humanity’s core issues…

…The founder of G E / F.C, had a profound realization after
becoming a Father, what exactly did he realize?
Everyone leads by the example they live in life.

That is how they leave their legacy, for the world to inherit.
And: it is possible to be such a good living example, that a chain reaction happens & the “DNA” of culture shifts profoundly, positively & permanently!

The one and only problem we face is: The Human Family,
seen as a planetary species, has been  highly dysfunctional,
we have been destroying our ecosystem this is the “Meta-Problem”

“Nothing can stop an idea who’s time has come”:
Do you see how the time has come for the idea
of healing humanity and living in unity?


Map, Action Plan, Strategic Partners


  • Pilots Projects: We have already launched our pilot projects and are having great success with them, as can be witnessed by the testimonies of our participants and their genuine fully embodied smiles.


  • Scaling: We are looking for strategic partners, owners of resorts, hotels, and suitable environments for hosting our Camp Adventure Transformational Groups, first in Germany then Europe, and ultimately, on all continents.


  • Business Plan: We are creating a network of “challenge” companies, to help families, businesses and networks of business owners reach the next level of the 4-H’s: Happiness, Health, Honesty, Harmony. This process is simpler than it sounds and happens almost automatically by detoxing the 3-D’s: Digital Detox, Body Detox, Environmental Detox


  • Our current pilot projects are focusing on restoring, improving and healing International Relations, specifically between Germany and England, our founder Nick, also known as “Captain Adventure”, has stepped in to bridge that gap
  • General Overview: G.O. Europe is undergoing a crisis & REBIRTH/ Renaissance: making the most of existing technology and possibilities in order to reach true balance, & a higher dimension of consciousness.
  • This is our Enterprise, our “Magnum Opus” through which we seek to share the greatest benefit for all humanity.

Start at the top: Family Treees

  • Change the ROOTS and you CHANGE the FRUITS:


  • Start at the top: GLAMPING: Glamorous Camping for Successful Families & Businesses, using our “C-A-T-G” Principle; Camp-Adventures-Transforming-Groups.


    our philosophy is that, through reaching the hearts and minds of leaders, we will reach the hearts of all people, and together, be victorious, in fact, that is what the name of our founder means: Nicholas: Victory of the people.

4 Foundational Pillars

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