Our Aims

We focus on the family!

Our camp is about experiencing everything together, children and adults can develop freely in a natural environment. We take care of motivating you and offer you unique challenges, which strengthen self-confidence and cohesion. The foundation of our work decelerates you and expands your awareness of the essential: How shall we live together and what potential is slumbering in us?

Have fun

Laughing, playing, dancing and mastering adventures and competitions together – that’s how you can recharge your batteries with positive energy. And that’s not all: Our Escape Games Challenges guarantee emotions and everyone can tell their own story.

Healthy food

We offer you “full board” and attach importance to a healthy and balanced diet. We buy our food from suppliers in the region. Enjoy seasonal dishes and meals that we prepare ourselves. Anyone who wants to get involved in the kitchen is cordially invited

Living tolerance

Our camp stands for international cultural exchange. You will playfully learn something about the way of life and diversity of people of other nationalities. Thus the “foreign” becomes familiar and tolerance grows with knowledge – a basic prerequisite for peaceful coexistence in an increasingly complex world.


Your health is important to us! Each team member is specialized in a certain field and has many years of experience. We have also developed our own quality standard in our Train-the-Trainer program. It ensures that you have an optimal experience as a family outside your comfort zone under controlled conditions. The team has years of experience in emergency and crisis management and can provide first aid at any time.

Environmental protection

Big things start with small steps. To show respect for nature, each family plants its own family tree at the beginning of the Family Challenge. A foundation of our environmental protection is of course the conscious handling of rubbish. We try to produce as little plastic waste as possible in our camp. Our goal is to be one of the first Zero Waste Camps in Europe! We therefore ask you to refrain from using plastic bottles and welcome the use of reusable bottles. In the camp we separate the residual waste and recycle the biological waste into animal feed.

Digital detoxification

Cell phones, laptops and digital toys are unwanted in the camp. The aim is to get involved with other people and to have a creative and conscious family time together. Forget everyday life with its digital distractions and enjoy the personal conversation from person to person.

Robin Hood for families

With our initiative “Robin Hood for families” we support disadvantaged families. We are happy about every donation, but above all we appeal to companies and sponsors: Book a team challenge in our camp! Ten percent of the turnover goes to our donation pot, with which we also want to enable needy families from their region to spend a weekend in our adventure camp. Thank you!


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