About us

We are enthusiastic outdoor activists, in love with nature and people,
they are the focus of our actions and our camp idea, in other words: YOU!

We created this especially because families struggle to spend quality time together.
We want to change this and offer you an adventure weekend in the
great outdoors with many challenges to grow through.

It is important that you leave the mundane world behind and open up to what life has to offer:
Open up to new experiences in dealing with your children, partners and fellow humans.

Learn to truly connect with the earth and yourselves with
all your senses and have fun with our challenges.

As a team we are at your side and are looking forward to
new impulses and your experiences of success!

As Europeans we are also concerned about Brexit.
That’s why we’re bringing you closer to the English culture and
way of life at the Adventure Camp 2019.

Our British Captain Adventure is proud of his crazy ideas with
his saxophone and is here to inspire you with eccentric British humour.


Our Team

Nick (Captain Adventure)

Nick brings everyone together.
He is head and heart of the camp and
burns for the Family Challenge.

Rumor has it that Nick is related to Captain Adventure.
Put him to the test!

Stefan (Little John)

Stefan is an experienced pilgrim and he will take you on a journey to the Middle Ages, he  can enchant everyone with his musical skills. Stefan will be happy to pass on his skills to you. In the camp he is our “Little John”, who, as an archer is almost as accurate as Robin Hood!

Gong Mario

Mario doesn’t just make his powerful Gong or his singing bowls, he also manages to awaken vibrations within you.

Mario loves challenges and enjoys the journey with you!


Ralf is our climbing specialist.
Only with him it is possible to overcome fear in airy heights.
In addition, he has superpowers when it comes to dealing with wood and creates magnificent bonfires for our groups.

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